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CEI tag library

  1. Hierarchical approach
  2. Alphabetical list of elements existing only in the CEI
  3. Full Alphabetical element list
  4. Alphabetical element list with descriptions
  5. Preliminary DTD
  6. A more strict schema, recommended for production use, but conformant to the less strict DTD
  7. An even more strict schema for a more database like style. It is getting stricter with every change, so do not rely that everything will be possible in the future. You can address the earlier versions adding the date to the file name (e.g. cei060122-strict-130130.xsd).

Hierarchical approach

Start with one possible root element: <CEI>.
Another good entry point might be the single <charter>.
Attention! Since we started with a semantic we did not care to give any element a place in the hierarchy!


Alphabetical list of elements existing only in the CEI

At the moment not available


Full Alphabetical element list


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