Digital Diplomatics
Historical research with medieval charters in a digital world

International Conference
Munich, 28.Feb. - 2.March 2007

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Charters are the main source of information for research in medieval history. Thus scholarly editions of them have a fine tradition. There are already large collections of medieval charters printed. But nevertheless, the collections of unpublished charters available in archives ars still much larger than the number of charters printed.

Diplomatics are already very near to the digital world. The scholarly work with charters rather seems to have started early to use the computer. Whereas the work done in the 1970s focussed on statistical analysis of charters the scholars of the last decade swept toward electronic publishing of charters, in both well known mainstreams of "retrodigitazation" and new "digital editions". The conference plans to bring together researchers from Europe and North America who work with medieval and early modern charters as well as professionals concerned with conservation and custody of original charters, copies or printed editions of charters in the archives and libraries. We hope to establish a fruitful discussion between people carrying out projects, researchers theorizing about historical computing and primary sources and scholars in the field of diplomatics who are interested in the use of the computer for their work.

During the conference the attendees will get the opportunity to present their projects and to take stand on more generic questions. The conference will be divided in two blocks:

  1. Planning and managing a digitazition project
  2. How does digital presentation of charters affect the scholarly work with charters?

The first block "Planning and managing a digitazition project" will adress issues like planning the work load, conservation of the originals, useful hardware and software tools, how to organize public access to the material, quality of images etc.

The second block "How does digital presentation of charters affect the scholarly work with charters?" will deal with questions like the following:


The conference proceedings will be published as a Beiheft zum Archiv für Diplomatik

Links to projects presented at the conference

Conference Language

The conference languages will be English, papers in German, French and Italian are also accepted. An interpreting service is planned.

Preleminary programm


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit�t M�nchen, Historisches Seminar, Abt. Geschichtliche Hilfswissenschaften and
under the patronage of the Commission Internationale de Diplomatique and with support of the Mission Historique Française en Allemagne and the DFG.

Time and Place

The conference will take place at the Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft in Munich, 28. Feb. - 2. March 2007.
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Call for papers

Send your proposal for a paper or a poster (not more than 1 page) to the contact adress before Sept. 1st. 2006. Please include

The Call for Papers is closed!


Travel costs and lodging will be provided for those who are invited to give a paper. Other attendees will be charged a small contribution towards expenses of the conference.