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Workshop: A DTD for Medieval Charters, Munich 5.-6. April 2004

5.-6. April 2004, Munich LMU-Historicum (Schellingstr. 12) room 201

The Charters Encoding Initiative continues the work on the issue of the workshop.

Vorstellung der Tagung auf deutsch


In cooperation with the German Committee for editing the Regesta Imperii e.V. (section Akademie der Wissenschaften Mainz) and the Archivschule Marburg the chair for Historical Auxiliary Disciplines prepares a workshop that intends to supply a want of historians, historical linguists, archivists and librarians for transfering scholarly standards of editing medieval documents and charters into the digital world. The organizers consider XML as the best solution for this purpose. Therefore the workshop will discuss a draft basing on existing DTDs (TEI, Codice diplomatico della Lombardia Medievale, Annegret Fiebig: Urkundentext 2000 etc.). The intention is to come to a joint proposal of leading european scholars working with XML-technologies for editing medieval documents to be subsequently enhanced by the scholarly community.

Full presentation (German)


Mo 5.4. 9-13h: Public Session

  • Dr. Karsten UHDE (Instit. f. Archivwissenschaft, Marburg): Vorüberlegungen zu einer DTD zur Beschreibung von Urkunden aus archivischer Sich (Preliminary considerations to a DTD for charters for archival purposes)
  • Prof. Dr. Michele ANSANI (Univ. Pavia): XML ed il Codice Diplomatico della Lombardia Medievale (XML and the Codice Diplomatico della Lombardia Medievale)
  • Dr. Georg VOGELER (Univ. München): Bayerische Traditionsbücher digital (Bavarian Traditionsbücher digitised)
  • Dr. Andreas KUCZERA (Mainz): XML bei der Retrodigitalisierung der Regesta-Imperii (XML at the retrodigitisation of the Regesta Imperii)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael GERVERS/Michael MARGOLIN (Toronto): The DEEDS Project: Towards an Application of XML in Content Analyses of Medieval Charters
  • Dr. Andreas KUCZERA (Mainz): XML bei der Retrodigitalisierung der Regesta-Imperii (XML at the retrodigitisation of the Regesta Imperii)
  • Christian-Emil ORE (Oslo): The electronic Norwegian medieval charters - practical experiences based on the building of an XML based document archive based on hetrogenous sources
  • Dr. Andrea RAPP (Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen) / Andreas Gniffke (Univ. Trier): Erschließungsverfahren in Retrodigitalisierungsprojekten. Markup-Strategien für das 'Corpus der altdeutschen Originalurkunden'. (Methods of making accessible digitised books. Markup strategies for the 'Corpus der altdeutschen Originalurkunden')
  • Gautier POUPEAU/Sylvie FAYET (École des Chartes, Paris): Réflexions sur l'utilisation de la TEI pour coder les sources diplomatiques. (Considerations on the usage of the TEI for encoding diplomatic sources)
  • Bernhard ASSMANN/Patrick SAHLE, M.A. (Inst. f. historisch-kulturwissenchaftliche Informationsverarbeitung, Köln): Die Verarbeitung retrodigitalisierter Urkunden mit XML (The processing of retrodigitised charters with XML)

Mo 14-18 h and Tu 9-13 h: Closed Session, Discussion of a draft of a DTD

Issues to be possibly adressed:

  • Elements
    • Wich phenomena has to be described?
    • How to do that with XML most opportunely?
  • Structure
    • How to group and organize the elements?
    • A DTD for charters between TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) and EAD (Encoded Archival Description): Which elements could be adopted? Could a DTD for charters be integrated in the existing DTDs?
  • Research Interests
    • Particular requirements for linguistic, historical, diplomatic, archival use.
    • Characters and symbols: Unicode or descriptive encoding?
  • Resolution
    Finally we will resolve a common draft and further issues to be discussed.

Tu 14-15 h: Public Presentation of the Results

For more information please contact Dr. Georg Vogeler.

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