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contains either a description of a single textual witness referred to within the critical apparatus, or a list of witnesses which is to be referred to by a single sigil.

General Comment: The working group tries to solve the ambiguity with the english expression for the persons testifying the content of the document by distinguishing between (textual) witness and testes for person to stay conformant with the TEI. The working group suggests to the TEI to change the name of the element "witness" into something like "textualWitness" or "copy"

Attributes: id, lang, type, sigil

Part of: witList

Contains: physicalDesc , archIdentifier , arch , archFond , authDesc , sigil , msIdentifier , transmission , altIdentifier



From TEI

(TEI, 2004-06-15 13:31:55)


The term witness is used here in a very restricted way that doesn't fit into the diplomatic terminology where witness is a witness of the legal act (testis).
(CEI, 2007-02-19 11:58:00)


Why is <arch> part of <witness>? In my eyes we should always use <archidentifier> as a container for the four parts: town, archives, fond and single number etc. Also: the first element in the example must be: <archidentifier> and not <archstruct> (this mistake is also in archFond).
(Karsten Uhde, 2007-02-20 16:14:08)

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