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contains a list of all the witnesses referred to in wit elements or wit attributes within the critical apparatus.

General Comment:

Attributes: id, lang

Part of: chDesc

Contains: witness



From TEI

(TEI, 2004-06-15 13:31:55)


The list of textual witnesses describes in fact the transmission from the original text to the currently existing versions. In the MGH editions there even a symbol to indicate this transmission with the "=" between two prints, but it is good practice to describe the dependencies between the textual witnesses in any kind of diplomatic edition. That would result in a new concept, giving each version of a text (seen as a unique document although containing the text of another document) a place in a row of transmissions. Maybe we can build a modell for this concept? See Luciana Durantis remarks on "traditionForm".
(Georg Vogeler, 2007-02-19 11:50:09)

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