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contains a description of ruling technique and layout.

General Comment: The <layout> element is used to describe and document the way in which text and illustration are displayed on the written surface, specifying for example the number of written, ruled, or pricked lines and columns per page, presence or absence of margins, distinct blocks such as glossaria etc. In some cases, the layout will be sufficiently regular for the attributes on this element to convey all that is necessary; more usually however a more detailed treatment will be required. The attributes are provided as a convenient short hand for commonly occurring cases, and should not be used except where the layout is regular. The value NA (not-applicable) should be used for cases where the layout is either very irregular, or where it cannot be characterised simply in terms of lines and columns, for example, where blocks of commentary and text are arranged in a regular but complex pattern on each page The following examples indicate the range of possibilities: <layout ruledLines="25-32"> <p>Most pages have between 25 and 32 long lines ruled in lead.</p> </layout>

Attributes: columns, ruledLines, writtenLines, id, lang

Part of: physicalDesc





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necessary in instrument description?

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