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describes the approximate size of the electronic text as stored on some carrier medium, specified in any convenient units.
In Context of document description the <extent> element is principally a specification of the number of leaves or bifolia a document contains, but may also contain any number of other measurements carried out on the document. Such measurements may be specifically marked using the phrase level <dimensions> element, as in the following example, or left as plain prose.
Since the <dimensions> element is available for use anywhere in a description, the cataloguer may choose to discuss (for example) dimensions of miniatures at the same time as describing the miniatures, rather than specify that information within the <extent> element.

General Comment: (standard TEI element)

Attributes: id, lang

Part of: physicalDesc , fileDesc


<extent>2 leaves, taken from the binding of a printed book</extent>
<extent>ii+321 leaves</extent>
<extent>37+212 leaves</extent>



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