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(character) represents a character. A single character like an punctuation mark should be given as an entity while the <c>-element might be used for marks in printed editions representing figures etc. (e.g. (C.), the three crosses in the MGH-edition) or different letter forms (e.g. long-s)

General Comment: The expanded version of a monogram could be given in the text-attribute.

Attributes: type, text, function, id, lang

Part of: tenor , subscriptio




Not conformant with TEI?
The TEI says: "Should only contain a single character or an entity that represents a single character." (TEI_P4/ref-C.html) that woud mean shortcuts like "(M.)" for the monogram would not be allowed.
(gv, 2004-04-11 10:36:51)


From TEI

(TEI, 2004-06-15 13:31:55)

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