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marks a text giving the specific place of an information in an wider entity, like a page in a book or a document, or a range of pages.

General Comment: formerly <location>

Attributes: id, lang, type, rend, n

Part of: studies , prints , regesta , facsimiles , archIdentifier , author , listBibl




the TEI has an element <biblScope> to indicate a range of page numbers. That is a concept comparable to the <location>-element we discussed for citing parts of a manuscript or a book. To keep our element-list close to the TEI I would suggest to change the name of <location> to <scope>.
(Georg Vogeler, 2004-04-11 11:59:30)


This term does not correspond to the definition. Scope is the whole not the part. Why don’t you say “locator” or “location indicator”
(Luciana Duranti, 2007-02-18 12:50:44)

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