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contains a detailed description of the watermarks identified in the paper of which a document is composed.

General Comment: The <watermarks> element may be used to enclose discussion of one or more watermarks; if this makes reference to standard catalogues of such items, these may be tagged using the standard <ref> element as in the following example: <support><material>Paper</material> <watermarks>Watermark: <term>anchor in a circle with star on top</term>, <term>countermark B-B with trefoil</term> similar to <ref>Moschin, Anchor N 1680</ref> <date>1570-1585</date>.</watermarks></support>

Attributes: id, lang

Part of: support

Contains: term , ref , watermark




(MASTER, 2004-06-15 13:28:57)


single watermark?
The element is always expressed in the singular, even if there may be several of them see element watermark
(Luciana Duranti, 2007-02-18 10:47:55)

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