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9:00 Opening Ceremony

9:30 break

Section 1: Global Diplomatics

9:40: Cohen, Fred: Digital diplomatics and forensics – going forward on a global basis (Slides)
10:05: Pan, Weimei: Is There a “Diplomatics” in China? (Slides)
10:30: Banat-Berger, Françoise; Nougaret, Christine; Borgeaud, Emily: Archivistique et diplomatique numériques : une traduction en français d’une partie des livrables du projet InterPares 2 (Slides (English), diapositifs (Français))

10:55: break

Section 2: Evidence as a Juridical and a Diplomatic Concept

11:15: Rogers, Corinne: Diplomatics of born digital documents (Slides)
11:40: Bhebhe, Mr. Sindiso: Contemporary diplomatics of the High Court of Zimbabwe legal records and the preservation of their authenticity in the digital environment (Slides)
12:05: Banat-Berger, Françoise: Le nouveau cadre juridique de la preuve en France : de l’intégrité à l’authenticité (Slides)

12:30: lunch

Section 3: Can the whole meaning of a document be digitally conveyed?

14:00: Jeller, Daniel: A loss of Aura? The effect of digitisation on the relevance of charter’s physical existence (Slides)
14:25: Holzapfl, Julian: What goes with a charter? Handling para-diplomatic material in the digitisation of archival charter collections (Slides)
14:50: Cauche, Jean-François: Digitize and structure: towards a multimodal representation of medieval documents ?

15:15: break

Section 4: Can the whole meaning of a document be digitally conveyed? (part 2)

15:25: Zhang, Jane: Correspondence as a Documentary Form & Its Persistent Representation in Digital Archives (Slides)
15:50: Foscarini, Fiorella: Enriching the diplomatics of contemporary documents through genre theory (Slides)

16:15: break

Section 5: Diplomatics of Digitally Born Archives

16:35: Laperdrix, Marie; Van de Walle, Thomas: Digital diplomatics, a way to strengthen trust in digital-born archives for the French State? (Slides)

17:00: Makhlouf Shabou, Basma: Digital Diplomatics and Qualities of Electronic Public Data: What lessons should be learned? (Slides)

17:25: End of session




Section 6: Digital Corpora: from Charters to Web archives

9:00: Renault, Jean-Baptiste: « L’acte dans tous ses états » ou le choix raisonné des actes originaux ? L’apport spécifique des bases de données de chartes originales médiévales
9:25: Kuczera, Andreas; Schrade, Torsten: From Charter Data to Charter Presentation: Thinking about Web Usability in the Regesta Imperii Online (Slides)
9:50: Hunyadi, Zsolt: Towards a semantic web: extending the database of Angevin charter-calendars

10:15: break

Section 7: Digital Corpora: from Charters to Web archives (part 2)

10:35: Oury, Clément, Dr.: New collections, new methods? Diplomatics for web archives (Slides)
11:00: Clavaud, Florence; Renouf, Brunilde; Nougaret, Christine: Étude de corpus, diplomatique contemporaine et technologies numériques : quelques-uns des premiers résultats du projet Mémoloi (Slides)

11:25: break

Section 8: Digital Corpora: from Charters to Web archives (part 3)

11:35: Romiti, Beatrice; Giambastiani, Laura; Rossi, Tommaso Maria: The documentary heritage of Lucca: the digitization of the scrolls preserved in the State Archives and Historical Diocesan Archives (Slides)
12:50: lunch

Section 9: The Use of Complex Technology in Diplomatic Analysis

14:20: Ivanovs, Aleksandrs; Varfolomeyev, Aleksey: ‘Direct’ Representation of Meta-information and the Tenor of Charters on the Semantic Web: Attempto Controlled English (ACE) (Slides)
14:45: Jansen, Adam: Object-Oriented Diplomatics: A New Computer Programming Paradigm (Slides)
15:10: Gervers, Michael; Tilahun, Gelila: Statistical Approaches to the Diplomatics of Institutional Topography (Slides (introduction and conclusion), Slides (main presentation))

15:35: break

Section 10: ChartEx: tools for excavating and interpreting data about places, locations and people from medieval

15:55: Rees Jones, Sarah; Evans, Roger; Sutherland-Harris, Robin; Merlo Perring, Stefania; Petrie, Helen; Power, Christopher: ChartEx: tools for excavating and interpreting data about places, locations and people from medieval charters (Slides)

17:10 End of day


Section 11: Diplomatic Visualization

9:30: Samara, Petros; He, Sheng: Constructing a medieval paleographic scale (Slides)
9:55: Hotz, Benedikt; Schönfeld, Benjamin: Do we really need an OCR for medieval charters? On the limits and advantages of Digital Palaeography and Diplomatics. (Slides)
10:20: Ceccherini, Irene; Gurrado, Maria: Mesurer les différences. Les faits d’exécution dans quelques écritures notariales italiennes (Slides)

10:45: break

Section 12: Teaching Diplomatics

11:05: Salamanca López, Manuel Joaquín: Software and computer applications for the teaching of the Diplomatic science. (Slides)

11:30: Dirmeier, Artur; Pindl, Kathrin: Charter pragmatics and Spitalarchiv´s teaching experience: can the whole meaning of a charter be communicated digitally? (Slides)

12:10: End of conference