Digital diplomatics and forensics – going forward on a global basis

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Cohen Fred (Management Analytics)
This paper will discuss the core concepts of digital forensics in light of the lack of current consensus in the field and with an eye toward building a global consensus surrounding core concepts of the science of diplomatics. It starts with historical links to diplomatics and seeks to link historical diplomatics concepts to digital systems. The underlying and fundamental concept that ties these together will be shown to be redundancy and its use to demonstrate internal and external consistency or inconsistency. This leads to the concept of questioned digital documents and the creation of a science based on causality that will ultimately allow digital records to be attributed to source and method of production, associated with archival fonds and the placement within those fonds as an archival bond, and help to produce the basis for a future of public record-keeping systems that will withstand the assault of emerging global information- and cyber- warfare.

As a global community, it is incumbent on those in the diplomatics discipline and those attending this conference to work together and come to consensus on these fundamentals, and this paper is conceived as one of a set of papers by authors on a panel from around the world on the path to moving that process forward.

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