Towards a semantic web: extending the database of Angevin charter-calendars

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Hunyadi Zsolt (University of Szeged)
The project for building of the digital database of (ca. 24,000) Angevin charter-calendars (started in 2001 at the University of Szeged) turned towards the application of semantic web technologies. The more efficient use of the database requires the linking of the calendars with the online available respective editions as well as the digital images of the original charters. The National Archives of Hungary has recently finished the digitalization of its medieval charter-collection and it made the corpus publicly accessible. Parallel to this undertaking a remarkable amount of full text charter editions became available online in dual-layer PDF-format. Our XML-based data-project attempts to link the three layers of the (digitized) documents: the original, the edition and the calendar. Moreover, with the aim of helping scholars, we attempt to provide geo-codes to the settlements appear in the database. The identification of the toponyms would be essential for non-Hungarian scholars since most of the medieval place-names can only be found on modern maps with difficulties. Since the time-span (1301-1387) of the project covers the rule of the Neapolitan branch of the Angevin dynasty in the medieval kingdom of Hungary it may help researchers well beyond the present-day borders of the country.

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