Digital Diplomatics and Qualities of Electronic Public Data: What lessons should be learned?

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Makhlouf Shabou Basma (Department of Information Studies- University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)
In Archival science, the interest in studying the concept of quality is not a well discussed topic. This paper presents the main results of QADEPs (Qualité des documents et des données électroniques publics) realized in Geneva Business School with the collaboration of several public and private swiss partners, which is dealing with the definition and the measurement of the important qualities applied to electronic records and data in public institution. It specifies the measurement of the trustworthiness, exploitability and the representatively of electronic public data and records. This paper will focus on the main indicators and variables related to trustworthiness of electronic public records. Classic and digital Diplomatics literature represents one of the main sources for this field.
The goal of the project is, in a conceptual phase, to define the variables to appraise the quality of public electronic archives in the perspective of sustainable conservation in a type system OAIS. In a second empirical phase, the model is tested in three public institutions (Archives fédérales suisses, Archives d’Etat de Genève, Archives de l’Etat du Valais) in order to verify its applicability. This research promises tow significant benefits: theoretical results and empirical results. Regarding the theoretical results, the conceptual framework of the research will be presented as a general mapping which summarizes the dimensions and indicators of qualities of electronic records. This structure will make manifest the various aspects of the quality of public electronic archives. A sample of variables will be presented to enable a precise understanding of how we can define and quantify the qualities of a public electronic document to ensure its preservation and sustainability.
In short, the presentation of the electronic records trustworthiness studied as part of QADEPs project will demonstrate a relevant use case developed on the bases of rich Diplomatics knowledge.

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