Stokes, Peter: Resources for Anglo-­‐Saxon Charters

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The Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London hosts no fewer than five completed resources directly relevant to the study of Anglo-­‐Saxon Charters: ASChart, PASE, LangScape, eSawyer, and ASCluster. Although these projects may look superficially similar – they all address approximately the same corpus – they are quite different underneath. They employ different technologies, ranging from TEI and non-­‐ TEI XML to relational databases, mapping and web services. More fundamentally, each has its own research questions and methodologies, each presents the material in different ways, and even those projects which present the same texts do so according to different editorial principles: • ASChart presents texts of charters in TEI XML dating to AD 900 with detailed diplomatic markup. • PASE is a prosopographical database which features charters as a significant proportion of its primary sources. • LangScape presents the charter bounds in TEI XML with detailed linguistic markup. • eSawyer presents Sawyer’s handlist of charters; it now also includes texts and translations where available but these are taken from a range of sources and with minimal markup. • ASCluster uses web services to provide a single point of access for queries across the other four projects. A sub-­‐project involved creating a single TEI-­‐compliant model to integrate ASChart, LangScape and eSawyer. The proposed poster will present each of these projects in brief, illustrating which aspects of the corpus they provide to researchers and how they meet research needs both individually and in combination, and how they come together through the Anglo-­‐ Saxon Cluster.

Peter A. Stokes
Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London

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