Puglia, Andrea: Digitasing, musealizing and publishing medieval documents. Models drawn from the study case of Volterra (Tuscany, Pisa)

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My paper want to show the work in progress project of LUV (Laboratorio Universitario Volterrano) of University of Pisa. The activity of LUV is made in main Archives and Libraries of the Town (Archivio Arcivescovile, Archivio Comunale e Biblioteca Guarnacci), keeping a large number of medieval written artefacts such as archival documents and law books (statuta) from X to XIV centuries. The aim of the project is to preserve, to process and to spread the archival and book heritage of Volterra. That will be an important resource in the scientific and technical fields and a valuable tool of the preservation and management of ancient books heritage of Volterra, exporting in other geographic contexts. Firstly, the project wants to build a database of digital images of volterran acts and books (maily statuta) in the Biblioteca Guarnacci and to link each imagine to files describing codicological features of the manuscripts (or characters of acts), classifying and index-linking them. The database is a work in progress, a dynamic corpus, that will be expanded and improved by new analysis and new scientific contributions. I used different work instruments for images acquisition and analysis such as macrophotography, digital microscospy, spettrography and microprofilometer 3D. The second goal of the work will be the analysis of virtual musealization possibilities of medieval books and finding out the contexts where the virtual documents could be utilized: real museum, public and private shows, collection of specimens for the research students. This analysis have to made in comparative way, studying different cases realized before. I want to deals with each image through graphic processors, which allows researchers to work directly over her, making virtual restoration, analysis of parts of letters, and comparisons each other. At last, I want to make the digital edition of the acts (until 1200) and the statuta of XIII century, folowing the main methods of digital edition. Starting from a case of Volterra, my proposal will show the possibilities of preservation and care of medieval heritage in the Tuscan context. Mostly, the focus concerns the structure and conservation of medieval written texts in a small town (but very important in the Middle Age) and the analysis about possible uses of written heritage by scientists.

Andrea Puglia
dottore di ricerca in Storia Medievale,
Università di Milano
eMail: andrea.puglia@yahoo.it

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