Ivanovs, Aleksandrs; Varfolomeyev, Aleksey: Semantic Publications of Charter Corpora (The Case of a Diplomatic Edition of the Complex of Old Russian Charters “Moscowitica – Ruthenica”)

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In the new network environment, semantic publications of research papers have become quite topical. However, the basic principles of semantic publications can be also applied to electronic scholarly editing of charter corpora. In order to reveal advantages of such editions in diplomatic and historical research of medieval charters, this paper presents a multifunctional prototype of a semantic publication of the 13th century Old Russian charter corpus – a constituent part of the vast collection of medieval and early modern records “Moscowitica – Ruthenica” in the Latvian State Historical Archives (Riga). The prototype of the semantic publication is designed as a comprehensive diplomatic edition of Old Russian Charters, since diplomatic transcription of the texts represents paleographic features of the charters. At the same time, the semantic edition provides the texts with additional information (metadata). Firstly, information about persons, sites, events, etc. provided by the charters is revealed and linked with corresponding data reflected in different specialized ontologies. As a result, the semantic publication creates a specific model of historical reality. Secondly, the semantic publication provides appropriate tools for an in-depth pattern analysis of charters, because it is based on a detailed markup of the texts. Thus, the semantic edition is designed as a specific Web information system that incorporates medieval charters, research tools, and research results into a knowledge-based system, which is specially created for a network community.

Aleksandrs Ivanovs
Professor of Historiography and Auxiliary Historical Disciplines
Daugavpils University – Latvia

eMail: aleksandrs.ivanovs@du.lv

Aleksey Varfolomeyev
Docent, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics
Petrozavodsk State University

eMail: avarf@psu.karelia.ru

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