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Terminologie der Diplomatik

This site is an online version of the Vocabulaire international de la diplomatique, ed. Maria Milagros Cárcel Ortí, 2. ed., Valéncia 1997 (Collecció Oberta), which the Commission Internationale de Diplomatique assembled and the Universitat de València put to print. The conversion of the analog data isn't completed. At the moment it contains only French, German, English, Italian, Latin and Spanish terms. Many problems of the conversion aren't solved yet so I'm happy if you send me hints on errors of the OCR or not correctly distinguished terms. The functionalities like search, resolving of the links in the text or adressing single chapters are still in development.
The data can be adressed directly via the URL by putting the search term or the number of the definition you want to receive behind a question mark in the URL: e.g. http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/?forger should give you the entry on "faussaire/forger/Fälscher/falsario", http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/?39 the No. 39 (i.e. cahier/quire/Heft/fascicolo/quaternus etc.). http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/#VID_39 is the Permalink to the entry.

Georg Vogeler, 21.2.2005, last changes 21.9.2011

The Vocabulaire can be used in SKOS-format too at http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/skos
A TEI-Version can be found at http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/tei

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    F. Le calendries liturgique

    • No. 629: Le grand cycle pascal
      (lat.: circulus magnus, circulas paschalis) est le cycle ijuï" combinant le *cycle lunaire de 19 ans et le *cycle solaire de 28 ans, soit 532 ans, lait revenir les phases de la lune aux mêmes dates de l'année et aux même jours de la Semaine et, en conséquence, amène dans un ordre identique la succession des dates de ttijues. (p. 147) edit
       - de.: Osterzyklus - fr.: grand cycle pascal - it.: Ciclo pasquale - la.: circulus magnus, circulas paschalis
    • a. La dernière année de ce cycle est dite annus magnus et le dernier jour de cette (temiere année dies magnus. (p. 147) edit
       - la.: annus magnus, dies magnus

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