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Terminologie der Diplomatik

This site is an online version of the Vocabulaire international de la diplomatique, ed. Maria Milagros Cárcel Ortí, 2. ed., Valéncia 1997 (Collecció Oberta), which the Commission Internationale de Diplomatique assembled and the Universitat de València put to print. The conversion of the analog data isn't completed. At the moment it contains only French, German, English, Italian, Latin and Spanish terms. Many problems of the conversion aren't solved yet so I'm happy if you send me hints on errors of the OCR or not correctly distinguished terms. The functionalities like search, resolving of the links in the text or adressing single chapters are still in development.
The data can be adressed directly via the URL by putting the search term or the number of the definition you want to receive behind a question mark in the URL: e.g. http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/?forger should give you the entry on "faussaire/forger/Fälscher/falsario", http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/?39 the No. 39 (i.e. cahier/quire/Heft/fascicolo/quaternus etc.). http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/#VID_39 is the Permalink to the entry.

Georg Vogeler, 21.2.2005, last changes 21.9.2011

The Vocabulaire can be used in SKOS-format too at http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/skos
A TEI-Version can be found at http://www.cei.lmu.de/VID/tei

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    F. Le calendries liturgique

    • No. 622: (Semaine sainte)
      S'ouvre alors la dernière semaine avant Pâques, la Semaine sainte (anc. fr. Semainepeneuse), (lat.: Hebdómada sacra, sancta, major, penosa; Hebdomada crucis, indulgentiae) (p. 145) edit
       - de.: Karwoche - en.: Passion Week - fr.: Semaine sainte - fro.: Semainepeneuse - it.: Settimana santa - la.: Hebdomada sacra, Hebdomada crucis, Hebdomada indulgentiae, Hebdomada sancta, Hebdomada major, Hebdomada penosa
    • Semaine sainte:
      a. Chacun des jours de cette semaine est dit major ou magna (feria secunda major I magna: cf. anc. fr.: le grand lundi...) ou feria secunda Majoris Hebdomadae etc., ou encore sancta (fr.: lundi saint), plus particulièrement les derniers jours de cette semaine: (p. 145) edit
       - fr.: lundi saint ... - fro.: grand lundi ... - la.: feria major, feria magna, feria Majoris Hebdomadae, feria sancta
    • Semaine sainte:
      - le jeudi saint ou jeudi blanc (lat.: dies alba ou Cena Domini ou encore Azymorum festum) (p. 145) edit
       - de.: Gründonnerstag - en.: Maundy Thursday, Skyre Thursday (Ecosse) - fr.: jeudi saint, jeudi blanc - la.: dies alba, Cena Domini, Azymorum festum
    • Semaine sainte:
      - le vendredi saint (ou anc. fr.: vendredi adoré) ou Parasceve (feria sexta in Parasceve, dies Passionis; Feria bono). (p. 145) edit
       - de.: Karfreitag - en.: Good Friday - fr.: vendredi saint, vendredi adoré, Parasceve - fro.: vendredi adoré - la.: feria sexta in Parasceve, dies Passionis, Feria bono
    • Semaine sainte
      - le samedi saint (anc. fr.: Pasques neuves, samedi des fonts bénies), (lat.: Sabbatum sanctum, dies lavationis); (p. 145) edit
       - de.: Karsamstag - es.: Sábado santo, Sábado de Gloria - fr.: samedi saint - fro.: samedi des fonts bénies, Pasques neuves - la.: Sabbatum sanctum, dies lavationis

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